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Case Results

$175,000 - Auto Accident (Settlement)


Plaintiff was severely injured after he was rear-ended and underwent shoulder surgery as a result.

$175,000 - Medical Malpractice (Settlement)


Plaintiff was severely injured when her physical therapist utilized improper stretching techniques, causing Plaintiff to require knee surgery.

$120,000 - Trip and Fall (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured due to a motel owner’s failure to provide adequate lighting, causing Plaintiff to trip and fall and severely injure her shoulder.

$660,000 - Product Defect (Settlement)


Plaintiff was severely when a defective juice glass broke, severing a tendon in the Plaintiff’s foot, requiring two surgeries.

$375,000 - Auto Accident (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured in a rear-end auto collision requiring spine surgery.

$250,000 - Trip and Fall (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured on a commercial property whose parking lot was not up to code.

$200,000 - Slip and Fall (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured when she slipped and fell on water leaking from a broken a/c unit at a supermarket.

$225,000 - Motorcycle Accident (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured when the at-fault party ran a red-light causing serious injuries.

$200,000 - Motorcycle Accident (Settlement)


Plaintiff was injured requiring shoulder and knee surgery when the at-fault party was driving on the wrong side of the road causing the Plaintiff’s motorcycle to flip on its side.

$250,000 - Maritime – Jones Act (Settlement)


Plaintiff was severely injured when he fell 10 feet from a private yacht he was maintaining for his employer.

$400,000 - Auto Accident (Settlement)


Plaintiff was rear-ended and received 2 spine surgeries.

$600,000 - Trip and Fall (Settlement)


Plaintiff tripped and fell at a theme park.

$250,000 - Slip and Fall (Verdict)


Plaintiff slipped and fell on a defective staircase causing several leg fractures.