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Workers’ Compensation for Truck Drivers

Workers’ Compensation for Truck Drivers

Trucking is a dangerous industry for multiple reasons. Many truck drivers are in control of a 40-ton vehicle that isn’t impervious to wind, winter weather, and congested highways. These trucks can’t brake as quickly and can’t maneuver around vehicles should those vehicles hard brake.

Furthermore, the drivers are often forced to work under rigorous hours and generally consume unhealthy meals—potentially causing driver fatigue, which can lead to dangerous, unfortunate accidents.

According to, the truck drivers’ annual rate of non-fatal injuries and illnesses while on the job is 305.5 per 10,000 people, making it one of the most dangerous professions. Additionally, the median number of days annually that a driver misses due to work-related illness or injury are 22.

This is where workers’ compensation comes in. What events entitle a truck driver to workers’ comp? What does workers’ compensation even provide, and what injuries does the compensation cover?

What events entitle a truck driver to workers’ compensation benefits?

If a trucker is an employee of a company and not an independent contractor — i.e., if the trucker receives a W-2 versus a 1099 — then the trucker should receive workers’ compensation insurance. Compensation can be filed if any of the below occur:

What does workers’ compensation typically cover?

What injuries are covered?

A wide array of injuries—from minor to catastrophic—are eligible for workers’ compensation. Below are some examples of just what injuries are covered in the event you are injured while on the job:

Consult a personal injury attorney if you suffer from a truck driving-related injury

Keep in mind that truck drivers have rights to workers’ compensation if they are harmed in any way while on the job. They are entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses incurred, vocational rehabilitation, indemnity, death, and partial/total disability.

Furthermore, there’s a slew of injuries that are covered, ranging from repetitive strains on the body while on the road to injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

If you feel that you are entitled to workers’ compensation or denied workers’ compensation, please consult a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney will be able to secure the evidence you need and fight for the compensation you deserve as you focus on your recovery.