Tow Truck Accidents – Who Can Be Held Liable? |
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Tow Truck Accidents – Who Can Be Held Liable?

Tow Truck Accidents – Who Can Be Held Liable?

Tow trucks are commonplace on the road, acting as heroes for those of us stranded with an inoperable vehicle or villains for those that have their vehicles towed without warning or due to repossession.

There are times that tow trucks can also be the cause of motor vehicle accidents. Tow truck accidents statistically fall under the number of truck accidents recorded each year. Injury Facts reports that, in 2018, 4,862 large trucks were involved in a fatal accident, with large trucks accounting for 9% of all vehicles involved in fatal accidents.

As for injury-related crashes, 112,000 large trucks were involved, some of which were caused by tow trucks. So, when a tow truck is involved in a motor vehicle accident, can they be held liable for injuries sustained by the victim?

Types of tow trucks

Before explaining the types of injuries that can be incurred from a tow truck accident and the reasons behind them, you should know the following types of tow trucks:

Types of tow truck accident injuries

An accident with a tow truck can lead to several injuries, some of which may be short-term and some that may be lifelong.

The following are common injuries sustained from a tow truck crash:

Causes of tow truck injuries

Who can be held liable?

There are several entities that can be held liable if you’ve gotten into an accident with a tow truck driver. However, it should be noted that tow truck drivers usually carry specific and hefty liability insurance.

On the likelihood that the driver has no insurance or if the damages exceed the liability cap on insurance, then the following parties can be pursued:

Seek help from a personal injury attorney

While unlikely, you could find yourself in an accident with a tow truck driver. You may sustain a variety of injuries, including broken bones or a traumatic brain injury. You may be forced to take time off work (or you could lose your job entirely), and your quality of life may decrease. You’ll also be responsible for medical bills and other expenses.

Fighting for monetary compensation that you deserve is a difficult, arduous process that you shouldn’t tackle solo. Instead, you should consult a personal injury attorney who will work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you have the necessary evidence and documents and to represent you so you’ll have the greatest chance of winning your case – as you focus on resting and recovering.