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Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters to Void Your Claim

Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters to Void Your Claim

Forbes has reported that everyone gets in a car accident every 17.9 years. If this is your first accident, you should know that you’ll likely speak with an insurance claims adjuster after the collision. However, the adjuster is not your friend and will do anything to minimize your compensation or even nullify your claim to save the insurance company money. But just how far will insurance adjusters go?

What exactly does an auto insurance adjuster do?

Auto insurance adjusters, who typically work for the insurance company of the person you filed a claim against, inspect the damages that are stated in the at-fault party’s claim. They use that information to determine how much the auto insurance company will pay. On top of inspecting damages, they can interview the claimant and witnesses, look at police reports, and even review your medical records.

Shady tactics adjusters use

Auto insurance claims adjusters will use any of the following to disprove you:

Consult a personal injury attorney

Auto insurance claims adjusters will strive to discredit you to nullify your claim. They may attempt to intimidate you, deny liability, browse every social media post, delay communication, get you to release your medical records, and record all of your conversations. Their goal is to save their affiliated insurance company as much money as possible.

To dodge their traps, you’ll need to refuse to speak with a  claims adjuster until you consult a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney will help you navigate these traps and successfully secure a fair settlement for your injuries.