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Road Rage: How Can I Avoid it?

Road Rage: How Can I Avoid it?

Road rage is all too common a problem in the United States. You’ve most likely run into road rage yourself, whether you’re the victim or the aggressor. According to, 50 percent of all drivers respond to aggressive acts with antagonizing actions, including but not limited to: light-flashing, honking, tailgating, shouting, blocking, and rude gesturing.

If you ever encounter road rage, you’ll need to know the signs, causes, avoidance strategies, and liabilities.

Signs of road rage

There are signs that could give fair warning to escalating road rage. They include:

Causes of road rage

Of course, there are several incidents that negatively affect people daily, but the main two reasons for road rage boil down to: impatience and congestion.

But what could possibly be leading to impatience and congestion on the asphalt?

Outside of a poor sleep schedule, these are just a few of the causes:

How do I avoid road rage?

Road rage is incredibly dangerous, but it is avoidable. You can do your part by:

The liabilities of road rage

If you encounter an aggressive driver and have been harmed by them, you can absolutely hold the aggressor liable by suing them for property damage or personal injury. You can possibly receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Additionally, you can file a police report and press criminal charges on the person, as they can be potentially charged with assault and battery (battery if the driver hits your car intentionally or if the driver leaves the car and strikes you or your vehicle). However, it is imperative to know that the same can apply to you, if you have succumbed to road rage.

Road rage is a deadly, common occurrence in the United States, but an occurrence that can be completely avoided. Realize the signs and causes of road rage, take caution, and protect yourself from becoming a victim (or aggressor). Regarding liabilities, take the time to understand what can happen if you are involved in a road rage incident.